Geoffrey Pain and Jack Raw

Totally excited by his first movie appearance, twinky skinhead Jack can’t wait to get going with bearded beauty Geoffrey Paine. All the way from LA, he’s flown in to have his wicked way with Jack and to hopefully teach him some new tricks! Eager to get going, Jack loves the older types as they tend to be more aggressive, a perfect match for heavily tattooed Geoff then! Devouring his man’s thick dick like he hasn’t eaten for a month, Jack is definitely one horny boy! After his own long cock is worked on by the talented Geoffrey, it’s a flip on the bed as his ass is tongue-fucked hard, making way for his meaty dick to slide effortlessly inside! Geoffrey has the perfect slow stance when it comes to fucking, and with his hands on his own hips, he works Jack’s hole slow, hard, fast and gently, jack has no idea what to do except moan and groan out loud, showing his daddy how much he’s enjoying this fucking! Being twisted and turned into positions he’s never even thought possible, Geoffrey teaches his twink all the moves in a hard fuck he’ll never forget!!
Featuring:  Geoffrey Paine, Jack Raw
Release Date: 04/25/2017