Joe Gunn and Jordan Jacobs

Who doesn’t love a hot tattooed daddy sporting a full thick moustache ready and willing to fuck the life out of you! The lucky twink here is Jordan, slim, smooth and very sexy with a wild streak where he loves to get thrown around the room, spinning atop thick dicks – perfect! Taking their time exploring each other’s bodies on the couch, Joe loves the taste of Jordan’s handsome dick as our twink leans back and lets daddy get to work! Turning over and getting his smooth hole eaten out, the feeling of Joe’s tash on his hole just makes Jordan even harder and eager for his dick to join in the fun! Without a second to lose, Joe obliges and fucks Jordan right there over the edge of the sofa. With Jordan up for more hard fucking, Joe gets him on top, bouncing on the full length of his meat, giving us the best views of his hot young ass getting slammed and letting both guys feel every solid inch back and forth until neither can take any more and the spunk flies from both of them!!
Featuring:  Joe Gunn, Jordan Jacobs
Release Date: 04/18/2017